Making research immediately open

Gold OA offers the most sustainable route to open science – advancing knowledge around the world

“Gold OA means the final version is immediately available for all to use from the moment of publication. It is the version researchers want to use as it can be trusted, is curated, supports open science and is not dependent on subscriptions. It also drives more visibility for research and use.

OA articles on average are downloaded six times more than non-OA articles, and for books it’s 10 times more. It is why we are committed to transitioning all primary research we publish to gold OA so that this authoritative version, one that is linked to data, code and the academic record, is immediately available to all.”

Carrie Webster Vice President, Open Access, Springer Nature

15% increase in downloads of our OA content

146 million more downloads between 2021 and 2022

Highest increase in downloads seen in LMIC1 regions demonstrating increased accessibility of content for all researchers regardless of location:

  • 29% increase in Asia
  • 16% increase in Oceania
  • 11% increase in Africa

1 Low- and lower-middle-income countries.

1.25 million+ OA articles published to date

154,000+ published in 2022

Our OA content has the highest usage

A Springer Nature article is cited on average 6.6 times.

Our OA content achieved the highest total OA citation rate for the second year in a row.

Authors publishing with us (across fully OA and hybrid) benefit from higher usage and visibility of their work.

Top five publishers by total OA citations

# Publisher Average citation per article
1 Springer Nature 6.6
2 Mixed model publisher 6.3
3 Pure OA publisher 5.1
4 Pure OA publisher 5.0
5 Mixed model publisher 4.8

Source: Digital Science, Dimensions – reflecting 2020/2021 average citations per article for fully OA articles published in 2020.

Our journals cover the broadest range of disciplines

Springer Nature’s journal portfolio continues to appear in the highest number of Journal Citation Reports (JCR) categories, supporting all researchers with an outlet to publish their work.

Over 570 titles received their first impact factor, including 180+ Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) journals.

Our journals rank in the top quarter of 183 unique categories, placing as the leading journal in 60 of these.

Top five publishers ranked by number of JCR category listings

# Publisher Number of JCR category listings
1 Springer Nature 242
2 Mixed model publisher 236
3 Pure OA publisher 186
4 Mixed model publisher 182
5 Mixed model publisher 152

Source: Clarivate’s Journal Citation Reports 2023 (including ESCI and AHCI categories).

Open Access at Springer Nature

Reach and impact of our fully OA portfolio

With over 600 fully OA journals across six imprint brands, we are proud of our world-leading fully OA portfolio.

Transitioning our hybrid portfolio

At least half the primary research articles we publish will be OA by the end of 2024.

Why publish OA with Springer Nature

Our authors’ papers benefit from higher use and greater visibility, driving knowledge globally.